Best Star Wars Game Ever

Is Star Wars the Old Republic the Best Star Wars Game Ever? 3 Reasons Why It Tops All the Rest

Hey Nathan here, today I am going to talk to you about an awesome game that I have played called “Star Wars the Old Republic”. I am also going to explain to you how to increase your SWTOR skills as fast as possible in the game.

Let’s start by talking about what makes this game so much different than other Star Wars video games.

Best Star Wars Game Ever

This game is not like your average Star Wars game that we normally see that revolve around first-person shooters. This game follows suit with the more common Download Star Wars Galaxy Heroes APK themed games that have really made an impact on the computer gaming world such as Knights of the Old Republic and The Force Unleashed. The aspect that really makes this game different though is that it now has an MMO flare to it that puts it in the ranks of various game series like World of Warcraft.

The Old Republic has such rich gameplay that you will literally spend hours upon hours exploring and experiencing more in this game. You are given multiple quests and planets to explore in the galaxy and each route you decide to take will lead you into another path and storyline. You are given multiple quests that must be completed to move forward and in turn, these completed quests will open up more paths to take with your character.

Another great factor that I love about Star Wars the Old Republic is that you can pick from 8 different Star Wars classes of characters which you get to upgrade and develop over the process of the game. This so interactive and is cutting edge for the Star Wars universe since there has never been a game released that has allowed you so much choice and options before. You get the option of choosing between Sith Marauder, Jedi, Bounty Hunter, and trooper. I said 8 classes because out of the 4 I just mentioned you can develop 2 different kinds of characters for each one with different abilities. On top of that, once you have leveled out your 8 classes, you are able to unlock 8 more SWTOR advanced classes of characters that are even more fun.

Now with a game this detailed, you have to have some sort of direction when trying to get through all the quests and character development in this game. I recently found a great leveling guide called the Star Wars the Old Republic Savior guide. This guide is the holy grail of everything you could ever need to know in this game. The cool thing about this guide is that it shows you “loopholes” in the game that allow you to get your characters SWTOR skills leveled up as fast as possible. Using these “loopholes”, you could get your new character leveled up in under half the time that it would take another player. This is a great tool because the faster you can level up your character; the better the gameplay will be from the very start. This guide will also show you how to increase your SWTOR crafting skills and in turn develop better weapons and armor for your characters.

Best Star Wars Game Ever

This guide also gives you really nice walkthroughs of all the levels and quests and shows you where they will take you depending on the paths you decide to take with your character. This is a great feature because now you can plot a path that suits what you want out of the game since you can see where it will take you before you make that decision.

To sum it up, you gotta play this game! If you are planning to play it and you are serious about increasing your characters SWTOR skills, then you should also check out the guide as well.